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We love to find solutions that make life a little easier for people. Our mission is to help people live better through the use of carefully selected products and services - we want to be part of your better living team.
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Better Living in the Kitchen

Jar Opener

Easy Reacher
So you don't need a step stool

Food Chopper

Can Opener

Tip Colander
So you don't have to hold the weight

Night Light
So you don't bump in the night

Shopping Trolley

Easy to Use
Fire Extinguisher

Grill, Griddle, Waffle Maker
in one compact appliance

Outlet Monitor
Use your iphone to ensure
the griddle isn't left on

Juice Lemons and Oranges
without fatigue

Mini Ice Cube Tray
Freeze Lemon Juice to add to tea, water, recipes

Comfortable Daily Living

TV Headphones
Enables you to hear the TV
without bothering others

Magnifying Reader

Furniture Risers
Raise the height of furntiure
so it is easier to get up

Step Stool
Hold on to prevent falling off

Key and Wallet Finder

Cordless Vacuum
No Tripping Hazard

Front Door Viewer
Don't answer the door blindly

Door Security Bar
For sliding or swinging doors

Car Comfort

Car Handle
Makes it easier to get out of the car

Another aid to getting out of the car

Swivel Seat Cushion
Easier to Turn out of the car seat

Alerts for sharp curves, Lane Guidance
Voice Activation for Hands Free Use

In the Bathroom

Non-Slip Rug Backing


Towel Warmer

Non-Slip Socks

Better Access to Your Home


Non-Slip Outdoor Path

Short Step
Much easier than stepping a whole step

Smart Lock

Tension bar mounts floor to ceiling
to help you stand-up

Threshold Ramp
Makes doorway transitions easier

Sliding Transfer Bench

Flip-up Grab Bar
Great next to a toilet

Healthy Eating

Protein Shake
Vitamins, Minerals & Protein

Ninja Blender
Quick and easy protein shake meal

Peel and freeze to add to protein shake

Sorbet Maker
Turn frozen fruit into Sorbet

Your Better Living Team
Helping you Live Better

Our mission is to help people live a little easier. We all want to enjoy our lives and use our spare time to enjoy our friends and passions. If we can help make your life a little bit easier, we are all for it. We have a great team of resources who we connect with to find solutions for people. Just email us with your challenges and we will join together to find solutions for you.
If we can help save you time or energy doing your every day chores, you will have more time and energy to dedicate to the people and acitivities you really love. Email us today

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